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Dimensions - Can we Fit?

Dimensions - Can We Fit In?

When considering hiring our display for your event, please remember that we require a lot of space for access and assembly of the Spitfire’s. The Spitfire’s display footprint is approximately 40 feet x 40 Feet square. The combined length of both transporter trailer and towing vehicle is 42 feet long. The turning circle required is similar to that of a Heavy Goods Vehicle, so if a HGV couldn’t get in and manoeuvre, in the area you have in mind, neither can we!  We also require a minimum clearance height of 16 feet and an access width of 12 feet. 

Organisers should ensure that our access route is clear of overhanging trees, low bridges and any other hazards which may block our access to your event site.  Please remember that gate posts or doors must be measured to ensure clearance of 12 feet is possible.  The diagram above will give you an good idea of the footprint required once the display has been constructed.  Please remember that we need sufficient room to manouvre the vehicle and trailer whilst lifting the Aircraft wings into place.

To increase the opportunity for quality photographs, it is also advised that the aircraft is positioned away from buildings and Trees and can be photographed from a distance if possible. Please see our Facebook gallery for examples of previous locations.

Please remember that once the display has been constructed, we require secure parking space for the Spitfire trailer and its support towing vehicle, for access to tools and support equipment, parking should remain close by.  Please download a PDF of the Spitfire Dimensions.

Displays: UK & Western Europe

We currently operate Three Spitfire Aircraft located at Blackpool Airport in the North West of England. We have MkII's and Mark IX's and we are able to cover all the UK and Western Europe.

If a date in our event calendar is already highlighted as booked, then please email, as this may relate to just one Spitfire Aircraft reservation.


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